AKSOY is a maritime law firm based in Izmir. Our office provides legal services especially in the fields of maritime law, international trade law, insurance law and transportation and logistics law. Additionally, our Law Office also provides high-level professionel legal services on commercial law, law of contracts, labour law, construction and property law, family law, health law, inheritance law, and company law issues. 

AKSOY treats to the clients with utmost care while providing legal assistance and reaches the solution of their legal problems by blending practice, court decisions and academic assessments. In this sense, our Firm believes that it is necessary to consult experienced lawyers for settlement of complex legal issues. 

AKSOY operates based in Harbour City Izmir. However, We offer wide legal assistance opportunities in cities of Turkey, personally or with solution partners in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Mersin and Trabzon. For the international law issues, Our Firm is in contact with reputable best law offices, lawyers and academics in world capitals.  AKSOY is ready to assist to your needs such as litigation, arbitration, mediation, contract drafting or legal consultancy. For detailed information and legal assistance request, you can make an appointment using the information on the contact page or send an e-mail directly.

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