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AKSOY is a maritime law firm based in Izmir. Our office provides legal services especially in the fields of maritime & admiralty  law, international trade law, insurance law and transportation & logistics law. Additionally, our Law Firm also provides high-level professional legal services on commercial law, law of contracts, labour law, construction and property law, family law, health law, inheritance law, and company law issues. AKSOY treats to the clients with utmost care while providing legal assistance and reaches the solution of their legal problems by blending practice, court decisions and academic assessments. In this sense, our Firm believes that it is necessary to consult experienced lawyers for settlement of complex legal issues. AKSOY operates based in Harbour City Izmir. However, We offer wide legal assistance opportunities in cities of Turkey, personally or with solution partners in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Mersin and Trabzon. For the international law issues, Our Firm is in contact with reputable best law offices, lawyers and academics in world capitals.  AKSOY is ready to assist to your needs such as litigation, arbitration, mediation, contract drafting or legal consultancy. For detailed information and legal assistance request, you can make an appointment using the information on the contact page or send an e-mail directly.

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In Turkish law, there are two primary registries for ships: the Turkish National Ship Registry and the Turkish International Ship Registry. The Turkish National Ship Registry is primarily for Turkish commercial vessels, governed by provisions in the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102. Also The Turkish International Ship Registry, established as […]

Maritime Law

Marine Accidents, General Average, Death & Injury on Board, Charter Party & B/L Disputes, P&I Coverage & Cargo/Marine Insurance Claims, Turkish Flag and Turkish International/National Ship Registry, Ship Arresting & Release under Turkish Law, Ship Mortgage, Yachting & Marina Law, Container Transportation, Demurrage & Detention Fees Disputes, Marine Labour Law, Hull&Machinery Insurance Issues

Insurance Law

Cargo Insurance, CMR Liability Insurance, P&I Coverage and Direct Actions, Cargo Damages Claims, Vehicle Compulsory Insurance, Liability Insurance, Hull & Machinery Insurance Disputes, Aviation Insurance, D&O Liability Policies, Marine Cargo Claims, Direct Actions Against Insurer, Life & Healty Insurance, Credit Insurance, Arbitration Clauses in Insurance

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation under Turkish & International Law, International Commercial Arbitration, ICC Rules, Arbitration Clauses in International Trade, London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LLMA) Rules, Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Turkey, ISCID & UNCITRAL Arbitration, Internatioanal Arbitration Disputes

Construction & Rental Law

Contract Administration & Drafting, Insurance, Termination of Contract, Total Cost Claims under International Construction Law, FIDIC Contracts, Real Estate Transactions and Construction Project Management in Turkey, Rental Agreements under Turkish Law

Labour Law

Termination of Employment Contract, Air Crew’s Rights and Marine Labour Law, Seafarers Rights and Maritime Claims under Turkish Law, Mobbing, Severance Pay, Mediation Procedure under Turkish Labour Law, Wrongful Termination, Wage Violations

Logistics & Aviation Law

International Road Transport, CMR Liability, Cargo Loss & Damages, Abondoned/Unclaimed Cargo, CMR Insurance, Freight & Demurrage Claims in Road Transport, Railway Transportation & CIM, Freight Forwarding, Air Cargo Claims, Aircraft Accidents, Passengers Rights, Delay, Denied Boarding and Loss of/Damage to Baggage, Aviation Insurance Policies, Pilot&Cabin Crews Rights under Employment Contracts.


Aksoy Law Firm is ready to assist shipowners, charterers, operators, insurers, cargo interests, seafarers in a maritime law emergency situations such as collisions, cargo damages, fire, blockage, general average, death/injuries on board or legal claims as arresting, release and Turkish straits & ports issues.

Maritime & Admiralty Law


Cargo Damages, Demurrage & Detention Claims, Cargo Insurance, Chartering, Harbour Problems, Ship Arrest in Turkey, Release of Ship, Sister Ship Arrest


Death or Injury at Sea, Seafarers Rights, Compensantion Claims, Maritime Liens, Termination of Employment Contract, Work at Foreign Flagged Ships


Collisions & Fire on Board, Ro-Ro Ships Accidents, General Average & Dispatch, P&I Insurance Claims, Hull & Machinery Insurance Disputes, Cargo Claims, Kidnapping of Ship


Registration & Flag of Yacht, Turkish Registry and Flag, Mooring Contracts, Marina Law, Superyachts & Megayachts under Turkish Law Yacht Building Contracts in Turkey, Commercial Yachts


Port Disputes, Mooring & Berthing Contracts under Turkish Law, Damages by Handling & Loading or Unloading, Demurrage Calculation, Port Damages, Port Formalities


Turkish National Ship Registry, Turkish International Ship Registry, Malta-Panama-Marshall Island Registries, Ship Mortgage, Ship Certification, Ship Financing, Ship Sale & Purchase

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Legal Advice

Different Turkish or International Law Issues on All Subjects of Private Law


Complex Private Law Legal Claims on First Instance or Appeal Courts of Turkey.

Arbitration & Mediation

National or International Commercial Arbitration, ICC Arb, LMAA, ISTAC and Mediation under Turkish Law


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